Tim Hennessy (@timhennessy):
"I am overjoyed with the 35mm Voigtlander lens I got from 305c. I showed up quickly with a personalized note. It was pristine and it’s been producing beautiful images for me ever since. Its an odd and incredibly unique thing to be genuinely inspired creatively by a vendor but that’s the way I would describe the community 305c is creating."

Florent Guido (@mr.ut):
“I liked how the camera was protected and the personalised little note (I kept it); I like the fact that you were really fast to send it me after the payment, much appreciated. :) Obviously the camera was exactly as it was on the pictures but I had no doubt about that because your IG and website has a very professional look. Your IG stories and captions show that you know what you’re doing. We can tell that you have experience with analog cameras given your IG account and it makes you trustworthy, even in the beginning 305c I had the feeling that I could trust you.”

Jose Rodriguez (@_jcrack):
“Great service! Got here quicker than I thought and I love this camera! It’s so clean and true to the description on the site, you guys are awesome.”

Yeana Kim (@yenaricco):
“딱 적절한 시기에 나에게 찾아온 필름카메라. 1년 동안 고민 만하고 막상 사려고 하면 두려워서 엄두도 못했던 찰나에 좋은 카메라를 갖게 되었다. 그냥 스쳐 지나갈 수도 있는 인연일 수도 있었을텐데 이렇게 친절히 편지와 그리고 작은 선물 ❤️ 감사해요!”
(“A film camera that came to me at just the right time. When I was worried for a year and tried to buy it, I got a good camera at the moment I was afraid. I could have just passed by and I could have been so kindly thank you letter and a small gift ❤️!”)

Adrien Belanger (@adrienbelanger):
“Hi Matthew, Contax RX arrived this morning - looks incredible! Thanks very much for the swift shipping. Can’t believe how smooth the shutter is, it actually feels similar to my G1. Will put a test roll through it later this week and let you know how I get in. All the best, Adrien”

Jason Rybacki (@_buckphotos_):
“Want to give a big shout out to @__305c and @matthewtou for the great cameras. Anyone looking for high quality gear check him out! You won’t be disappointed. Incredible customer service!”

Joshua Klein (@asphalt_beta_project):
“The Sure Shot Supreme arrived this week, I’ve been shooting it all weekend, I love it, thanks!”

Patrick Mullins (@pmullins_):
“Package has been received hahaha thanks mate! Could not be happier!”

Mervin Lim (@lunchwithmerv):
“I would like to share the wonderful experience I had with @__305c. The Canon Supreme that I bought came in the exact condition that was listed on the site; was worth every penny. A big shoutout to Matthew for curating only the best and yet keeping the prices pocket friendly.”

Nick Porter (@nickpphoto)
Super impressed with how quick and easy the service was, I’ve been looking for one of these adapters for quite a while and saw your post on IG saying you had one on the site so clicked through and ordered within a couple of mins of seeing it and it’s arrived super quick a couple days later. Love the packaging, custom tape is a lovely touch, super well packed too, and a couple of stickers are always great! With buying film stuff there’s always a worry with the quality, I much prefer to buy from retailers like yourself as opposed to randoms on eBay. The quality of this product is mint and I’m really looking forward to shooting on it !

Erik Janecke (@janz_matanz):

"Your service is awesome. I have been looking for a reliable source for 35mm cameras and never really felt comfort spending a larger amount of money through eBay or someone I didn’t know. Your website is really well put together and it’s easy to tell you know what you are doing. Unfortunately for me, I’m paying in US dollars so it is a little expensive, but that isn’t something we can help. Your prices in pounds are completely fair. All in all, very satisfied!"